"The Green Keepers"- Canvas Edition
"The Green Keepers"- Canvas Edition

"The Green Keepers"- Canvas Edition

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27" x 27"
Giclee on Canvas (stretched & ready to hang)
Edition of 15 (+5 Artist Proofs)
Hand Signed & Numbered
Signed Certificate of Authenticity

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About: "I have been diving more and more into pieces that involve my Starry Knight characters. They started out as a secret group that helped keep things in order in "The Outside". They were like puppeteers similar to those who dress in all black in stage plays such as "The Lion King", directing the attention of the audience to the story unfolding before them. I called them "The Starry Knight Drama Club". Over the years I became interested in bringing them more importance in the story that was playing itself out in my head. They are the keepers, the gardeners, the watchers, the guardians, and the helpers as well as those that serve all that benefits  "The Outside". Anyone who finds their way into this world through any variety of ways is instantly recruited by the Starry Knights and taught the ways of the world before they go off to pursue their future endeavors. When they come together as a united front in face of impending doom, they appear to be a night sky full of stars. I love the idea that all sorts of races of creatures and beings can be united by a simple altruistic goal, to protect The Outside and that uniform is just a tool to solidify that purpose. I know that's a lot and perhaps might be different than what you would expect at first glance of this piece, but this is the sort of thing that inspires me when creating these paintings. - Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins