"Rabbit Season"
"Rabbit Season"
"Rabbit Season"

"Rabbit Season"

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30" x 20" image size, 33" x 23" paper size
Giclee on Elegance 320g Cotton Rag
Edition of 280 (+28 Artist Proofs)
Hand Signed & Numbered
Signed Certificate of Authenticity

For a long time now, rabbits have been ushers between worlds for day dreamers and wandering souls alike. You mostly see them out of the corner of your eye...until you don’t. Once caught, they will confront you with an opportunity...a "once in a lifetime" chance to head out on an adventure from which you may or may not return! Conductors of chaotic time splitting fun, they always come equipped with a time piece or a compass, both serving the purpose of guiding one into the greatest amount of mischief in the shortest amount of time possible. Through bunny trails and rabbit holes, you’ll meat owls, cats, snakes and moles. The only boundaries we encounter when setting out on these journeys into our daydreams are the very walls that we have placed there to keep "The Outside" out. It's when we finally decide to get over our fears and "Go Outside" that the real adventure begins. - Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins

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